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The use of the internet is essential in every aspect of our lives, whether to talk with our relatives, to make inquiries, or even to work remotely, in the industrial field the internet allows the interconnection of all systems and/or machines such as sensors, software, and other technologies.

The internet of things (IoT) or also called the internet of everything is based on managing the connections between the user and the different devices through the internet, in the following article you will know the functionality, benefits, and aspects related to security and privacy in the implementation of IoT systems.


Matryoshka Dolls

Recursion is a process used in mathematics and programming in which a function calls itself, this method of repetition is understood with the principle of the Matryoshka (wooden doll that contains another smaller doll within itself, this doll, also contains another doll inside), where the problem is solved, treating the same problem but smaller.

As disadvantages of using this method:

  • It is slower due to the overhead of holding the stack.
  • Uses more memory for the stack.

And the advantages:

  • Adds clarity and (sometimes) reduces the time it takes to write and debug code.
  • Reduce the complexity of time.
  • It…

Julieth Gonzalez

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